Utah County Alimony Awards

Alimony, or spousal support as it is often referred to, is roughly defined as the payments one spouse has to make to another after their divorce to support the other spouse financially. The idea behind alimony is that the parties acted as a single unit during the marriage and may have accrued marketable attributes or abilities during that marriage that now need to be divided evenly and the easiest way to do that is to try and equalize the standards of living with a monthly allowance. An example of a typical alimony situation is as follows. The parties get married and then they work to put one of the parties through schooling and while one party stays home to take care of the house work and the children the other party obtains employment with that education and advances in that employment. When this couple gets divorced the court sees the parties as equal contributors to the one parties achievements and position of employment and therefore finds that it is fair and equitable to split up the spoils of that investment in human capital.

Who Decides Alimony?

Alimony may be settled by the parties in a stipulation and settlement agreement or if they can not come to an agreement then it will be decided by the commissioner or judge. If the court ends up making the decision then there are a couple rules of thumb to follow. A judge or commissioner is likely going to try and equalize the couple’s standard of living, meaning the judge will award an alimony payment that allows the parties to have a similar balance sheet of income and expenses. The next rule of thumb is that a judge or commissioner is not likely to order alimony for a duration longer than the marriage. So if the parties were married for 10 years then the alimony obligation is not likely to last longer than 10 years. Finally, alimony obligations usually terminate with the death of either party or the marriage or cohabitation of the party receiving alimony payments.

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