Temporary Orders

Temporary Orders Defense in Orem

The divorce process can be a very long process. Once parties decide they are finally done fighting and are going to go their separate ways they often think that the end is in site. However, the reality is that if parties are going to be fighting over issues in the divorce it could drag on for more than a year. With the length of the divorce process in mind some parties often ask the court for temporary orders, which are basically the rules the parties must follow during the divorce. Most of these rules that are set are concerning hotly contested issues of the divorce, such as: alimony, child support, child custody, and to some extent property division. The difference between temporary orders and the ultimate decree of divorce is of course the temporary nature of the temporary orders.

How to Ask the Court for Temporary Relief?

When parties decide to divorce they often separate and start living in separate homes. How they decide who gets the kids and who moves out of the marital home is usually different depending on the case but the fact of the matter is that one person usually ends up having to find a new place to live and seeing their kids less. If the parties were forced to live like this for a year or more while fighting to hash out the details of the divorce it could result in a very unfair result for the person who ultimately decided to keep the peace and move out. So to get a court order as to how these issues should be handled the parties should file a motion for temporary orders. With this motion the parties can argue why they should get the custody arrangement they want, or why they should get to stay in the home etc… Then once both parties have made their arguments in writing a hearing will be held where the commissioner will decide what the rules will be during the pendency of the divorce. In the alternative the parties may decide to come to an agreement and file a stipulated temporary order that the judge or commissioner usually signs into effect.

Getting Help for the Temporary Relief you Need

The divorce process can be extremely emotional and stressful, if you find yourself getting divorced and you’re not sure what to do then call us as soon as you can to get help with your case. We are sensitive to the struggles you are going through and we work hard to make sure you understand the divorce process as well as understand what your options are. Call for a free consultation today.