Child Custody

Contested Custody Issues in Provo

There is one issue in divorce that is usually more important than all others, and that is the issue of child custody. Most other issues people can usually swallow a bad result and move on. Having your property divided, having to give some of your income to an ex-spouse, or being required to pay off debts incurred during the marriage is all stuff that no one wants to face but its something you can live with. On the other hand having your kids taken away from you or having your time with them limited to every other weekend is not something with which most people are okay. The reasons child custody issues are often the most hotly contested issue in a divorce are obvious but even with all that fighting the court or the parties ultimately have to reach a decision.

Possible Custody Outcomes

One thing that helps most people going through a custody battle is having the right expectations which means knowing what the possible outcomes of the custody battle could be. There are three main custody arrangements joint, sole, and split. Joint custody means that the children live with both parents at least 111 nights a year. Sole custody means that the children live with one of the parents and the other parent is awarded parent time/visitation. Split custody means that each parent is awarded sole physical custody of at least one of the minor children if there is more than one child. Custody is also split between physical and legal, physical meaning who the child lives with and legal meaning who makes the important decisions about the child’s life.

 Child Custody Attorney in Utah County

Remaining a part of your child’s life is a huge deal and is not an easy you want decided without your input. The best way to fight to maintain your position in your child’s life is to hire an attorney to help you understand the legal process, inform you of likely outcomes, and help counsel you in making decisions about your case. The attorneys at Divorce Lawyer Provo have helped hundreds of clients in their child custody matters so call or email us today for a free consultation.