Child Protective Orders

Provo Child Protective Order Lawyer

Child protective orders provide a strong remedy to those who seek to protect the best interests of the children.  At the same time, the pose a real danger for being abused and misused.  A child protective order allows “any interested person” to bring a motion for such an order.  What is an interested person?  It can potentially be anybody.  A grandparent, parent, brother, uncle, sister, aunt, friend, boyfriend, ex-spouse, anybody!

With a child protective order the court can actually change custody of the children at issue as well.  What this means is that the “any interested person” can get custody of a child or children with whom they have absolutely no blood relationship.  This occurs often in cases where an ex-spouse brings a child protective order for his own child and any other children living in the home where none of those other children may be are related to him.  This then forces the biological parents to spend time and resources on protecting their parental rights when it shouldn’t even be an issue.

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Defending Your Parental Rights

If you are facing a child protective order you should understand that if entered you will be prohibited from having any contact whatsoever with that child or children for a maximum of 150 days.  Additionally, such an order can be used against you in a criminal matter related to the same allegations.

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