Protective Orders

Utah County Protective Order Lawyer

Spousal abuse is a very serious issue, every day there are hundreds of people who are in abusive relationships and whether its psychological issues, financial concerns, or just plain fear that is making the abused party stay with their partner the reality is that this is a social issue that we should be trying to remedy. The state knows about this problem in our society and they have tried to provide procedural avenues that victims can take to try and protective themselves, one such tool is the protective order. While protective orders are meant to be a shield and a protector against potentially aggressive and violent partners more often than not it is used as a sword by vindictive parties looking to get back at their ex and make their lives difficult.

Protective Order Procedure

Protective orders are surprisingly powerful legal orders that prohibit the named individual from coming in contact with other named individuals, their place of employment, their school, etc… and in many scenarios also prohibits them from having weapons. If the person who the protective order is against violates the protective order they can be arrested and charged criminally. Why it is surprising how powerful protective orders are is because they are relatively easy to get. A person who wants a protective order petitions the court for it with some simple paperwork and then a temporary protective order is put in place immediately and a hearing is set to discuss whether or not a full protective order will be granted. A common scenario for protective orders are at the beginning of a divorce or just before a divorce is filed.

Both Sides of the Protective Order | Provo Protective Order Attorney

At Divorce Lawyer Provo we strive to protect the integrity of the protective order and help individuals on both sides of the court battle, whether that be individuals who are legitimately afraid of their aggressive partner or falsely accused individuals looking to clear their name and get their rights back. There are a lot of factors that go into a judges or commissioners decision on whether or not they grant a protective order and the consequences are varied so call us today and we’ll help you understand your case.