Possible Divorce Orientation Class Changes Coming in Utah

Requirements of Divorce in Provo

In order to be granted a divorce in Provo, a person must satisfy certain requirements.  There are many legal requirements such as residing in Utah County for three months, waiting 90 days after a divorce is filed, and attending mediation before having a judge decide the contested issues of the divorce.  One requirement unique in Utah is the requirement that all divorcing persons with children must attend a divorce orientation class.  This class is intended to inform those divorcing how the legal process works, the implications of divorce, and the availability of other options.  Currently, the class is supposed to be taken within 60 days of filing for divorce.  If Rep. Jim Nielson has his way, however, this class will have to be taken before a divorce can even be filed.  Some Utah divorce lawyers in Provo, Orem, Heber, and the surrounding areas are opposed to the proposed changes.

The Problem of the Divorce Orientation Changes

Provo, Orem, and Heber divorce lawyers are opposed to the proposed change because it places another burden on individuals seeking a divorce.  The class itself seems unnecessary but to have it required before a divorce can even be filed places an unnecessary burden on individuals in Utah, Wasatch, and surrounding counties.  People often need temporary orders issued quickly in a divorce because of abuse or neglect of a spouse.  Requiring individuals to first take the divorce orientation class before a divorce can be filed delays needed help from the court.

The Administrative Office of the Courts also expressed concern that the change in timing could affect people’s access to the courts.  Rep. Nielson’s proposal is an unnecessary intrusion into the divorce process.  At this point the proposal is not yet a proposed bill.  Hopefully many people and divorce lawyers will speak up and inform Rep. Nielson that his proposal is not a good idea.

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