Protective Orders and Divorce

A common scenario we often see with clients contacting our firm is a married couple that is having marital problems and starting down the path to divorce get in a huge fight and shortly thereafter a protective order is filed. Sometimes the protective order is valid and one of the spouses is legitimately in fear because of the other spouse and in other cases the protective order is simply being used to get back at the other spouse and get them kicked out of the house.

Consolidating Cases

In some situations it is important to fight for the protective order and keep the parties away from each other for both of their protection. However, in cases where the protective order was maybe used for other reasons the best resolution is to come to an agreement that you’ll deal with your differences, your division of property, and other concerns in a divorce. Protective orders are far too often misused and instead of fighting for something that should never have been requested you can have a restraining order placed in your divorce decree that in most cases deals with all the issues that the party who filed the protective order was concerned with in the first place.

Provo Divorce Attorney | Serving All Your Family Law Needs

Whether you’re dealing with a protective order, a divorce, or both; the lawyers at Divorce Lawyer Provo can help. We work in all areas of central utah and have helped hundreds of family law clients in all types of cases. We understand that family law issues can be emotional and we strive to help relieve our clients stress over the case by helping them understand every aspect of it. We offer free consultations so give us a call right away, in most situations we can answer your questions right over the phone in a matter of seconds, so call us today.

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