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Divorce Parties on the Rise

It is not uncommon for families to spend enormous amounts of money celebrating a wedding day. It has been less common for people to spend money on, or even celebrate, their divorce. However, that trend is changing as divorce parties … Continue reading

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The Common Protective Order Violation

When a protective order is filed against you, there is typically an ex parte temporary protective order served upon you immediately restricting your contact and┬ácommunication with the Petitioner (the person who filed the protective order), and potentially even third parties … Continue reading

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The Nesting Arrangement

On some rare occasions during a divorce, a judge may order on a temporary basis, or even under some circumstances on a permanent basis, that the parties share possession of a marital home. This is often referred to as a … Continue reading

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Dealing With Abuse and Divorce

Unfortunately, many divorces filed in Utah are the result of, or involve, some form of abuse. Often parties to a divorce action are also parties to a protective order, domestic violence charge, or civil stalking injunction. Victim’s of abuse some … Continue reading

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Fraud and Annulment

Probably the most common grounds for annulment are related to fraud or misrepresentations that go the heart of the marriage. While the annulment laws in Utah allow a party to seek an annulment for all kinds of strange reasons such … Continue reading

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