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Dealing With Abuse and Divorce

Unfortunately, many divorces filed in Utah are the result of, or involve, some form of abuse. Often parties to a divorce action are also parties to a protective order, domestic violence charge, or civil stalking injunction. Victim’s of abuse some … Continue reading

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Fraud and Annulment

Probably the most common grounds for annulment are related to fraud or misrepresentations that go the heart of the marriage. While the annulment laws in Utah allow a party to seek an annulment for all kinds of strange reasons such … Continue reading

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An Alternative to Divorce in Utah: Petition for Conciliation

What Happens When One Person Does Not Want Divorce? Divorce lawyers serving the Provo area are often asked what happens when one person doesn’t want a divorce and won’t sign off on divorce papers.  The short answer is that it … Continue reading

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Enforcing Your Divorce Decree | Provo Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that people get divorced and then one of the parties later decides to stop following the provisions of the decree. Sometimes there is a change in circumstances which justifies a party’s lack of adherence to … Continue reading

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Common Law Marriage in Utah

Utah doesn’t have a common law marriage process so to speak as some other states do. Rather, you can petition a court to recognize your relationship as a marriage even though you may not have ever had an actual marriage … Continue reading

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